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Announcing: Meta Fest 2014

Meta Fest 3

Hello, lovely members! Thank you for continuing to watch and follow hp_canon_love. We know the com has been quiet, but we are not dead. Far from it, because as you know, canon never dies ;) We have lots of fun things planned this year, the first being a unique idea we had called a Meta Fest.

What is this, you ask? We’re sure you have lots of questions, so here are some quick FAQ’s that we hope will be helpful! Ask any more questions in the comments.

What is a Meta Fest?
It’s much like a traditional prompt fest, but instead of leaving story prompts, people will leave meta prompts. These prompts are meant to inspire discussion about a particular subject relating to the Harry Potter books. Any of our previously posted discussion questions are great examples.

How Does One Claim?
If you want to write for the fest, instead of writing a story or creating art, you will write a researched discussion based on the prompt you’ve claimed. You will claim anonymously, so the prompt will be crossed off but no one will know you’ve claimed it… just like in a regular prompt fest.

Is there a word minimum or format template?
Nope, you are free to discuss however you want. It really depends on the individual and what they want to do for their post. If you want to answer the prompt in a series of bulleted lists, feel free to do that. If you want to do the more traditional prose, that’s also fine. Hey, if you want to draw a diagram of Hogwarts to help discuss the prompt, then by all means, do! Be as creative in your research and discussion as you want to be.

Is this Self Posting?
No, the mods will post all discussion posts after they have gone through a beta-check and have been proofed.

Is This Anon?
Claiming is anonymous, but posting is not. You will not know who claimed your prompt, but you will find out during the fest. The mods will post one discussion question per day, and the writer’s name will be attached.

What’s the Commenting Situation?
Comment with your own opinions and thoughts on the discussion presented. People are allowed to disagree in comments, but please be respectful to the writer. Be mindful of the time and effort it must have taken to produce a discussion post. Disagreeing politely is different from flaming, and flaming is just not nice.

What is the Timeline of the Fest?
Prompting: Fri Mar 14 - Thur Mar 20
List of Prompts Up: Fri Mar 21
Claiming Starts: Fri Mar 21 (ongoing)
Due Date: Wed Apr 30
Posting: Mon May 5 - Sat May 31

Anything Else Noteworthy?
As you may know, we continually strive to keep the ethos of this community as positive as possible, so we don’t want any HP or JKR bashing to take place in the fest - and absolutely no character bashing. We want to encourage intellectual discussion, not attacking-style criticism of the books. So if you participate, please remember to be respectful of these books that we have all come to love, and of the world which now holds a special place in many of our hearts. If you need to, revisit our Ethos Post for more into.

How do I promote Meta Fest?
Use one of these three banners, which link back to this information post.

Meta Fest 1

Meta Fest 2

Meta Fest 3

For the four weeks leading up to the fest, we will be doing Discussion Thursdays. Each Thursday, we'll post a new discussion question to get us thinking about canon again. These questions are open to everyone in the community, just like in the past.
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